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Earn Rs 15,000/-p.m.by Sending Sms/Posting Adds from your Mobile/Computer

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Earn Rs 15000/-p.m.by Sending Sms/Posting Adds From Your Mobile/Computer

Dear visitor,
Now IDEAL MARKETING ,brought a golden chance for you to earn money by your mobile/Computer. INDIAN IDEAL MARKETING. is a big name in the field of SMS/Add Marketing , If you have your own mobile/computer then you can earn Rs 15000 +per month by sending our SMS/posting Adds. Use of Mobile/computer and internet is increasing everyday in all business which makes Sms Sending/Add Posting Home Business a Valuable Mobile/computer Business in all types of Business in India . More than that We have modified this Money Earning Program to make it more useful and profitable to all according to the Survey Report for Mobile and Computer Internet Consumers of India Conducted by Us.

What is the Our Business Plan?

After joining us, you will be our messenger ; you will have to send our SMS to other Mobile Numbers. Numbers will be provided by us.You will have to send 100 SMS everyday. We will pay you Re 5/-per SMS . So ,If you send 100 SMS everyday then your One Day Earning is-- 100*Rs 5/-=Rs 500/- in a Day, So your 1 Month Earning will be Rs 500/-*30=Rs 15,000/- Now You can see that how you can earn Rs.15,000/- per month by spending only Half Hour in a Day. Because if you send One SMS in 20 seconds ,then you will send 100 SMS in 2000 Seconds =34 Minutes (You don't have to type any SMS , you will have to only forward the SMS given by us .)

There are many SMS packs available in the market of all Mobile companies. To send SMS ,you can use SMS packs of various mobile companies ;by this your One SMS will cost only 5 to 20 paisa per SMS .So ,your expense of sendind SMS in a Month will be only Rs.300/- to Rs.600/-

In Addition to Sending 100 Sms per day from your Mobile, You can Post 100 adds per day from your computer , you will get Rs 5 per add i.e. Rs 15000 for posting 3000 adds in one month We will give you Free Classifieds Add matter and the list of Free classifieds where you have to post Adds

Referrer Earning(Commission)

Rs 15,000/- is the pure earning of sending SMS . It is like a good income which you will get every month but if you refer to any Messenger under your Id through your already members ,then you will get Rs 50/- & 100/- per Messenger .So ,If you get 5 Messenger Every Day after sending 100 SMS/Posting 100 Adds per day ,then you will get 150 Messenger in a month under your Id , then your Commission will be 150*100=Rs 15,000/- so you will get Rs. 15,000/-+Rs 15,000/-=Rs 24,000/- This is the very Lowest Earning Example ,our Members are earning more than Rs.30,000/- per month by Referring Messenger .

What are the Contents of the Kit ?

The Sms Sending Home Business Training Kit has the following Contents available inside Your Member's Login Area :-

1.Mobile Sms add matter and Internet add Matter .
2.Mobile Database and Free Classifieds List .
3.Payment Structure Algorithm.
4. Demo to send sms and to post adds .
5.Training Videos.
6.Use of Technology in Business .
7. Website for advertisement
8.Search Engine Application
9.The Complete Training & Marketing of WebDesign
10.Mobile Wallet Making and its use for Money Transfer and Payments
11.HTML Codes and PHP Codes
12.Earning Calculators
13.Member's Work Progress Report and Improvement Suggestions

How you will get your Payment ?
You can take your payments according to the payment option chosen by you after joining..You will get your Payments by Money Order,Cheque,Demand Draft and Direct Fund Transfer in you Account. You will have to select anyone of the above method for the same.You can take Weekly Payment option or Monthly Payment Option according to your choice after joining .

Minimum PayOut-- Rs 500/-

How to Calculate Your Earning ?

 Number of Sms Sent/Add Posted :                                                                 
Earning For Sending 3000 Sms/Adds in Rs :                                        
Earning for making 150 Sells/Referrals/Members by any method is Rs:          
Earning Per Sms /per adds is Rs :                                                                
Your Total Earning by any method is Rs

Who can start ?

Any student , Housewife,Retired person, Professional ,Self Employed ,Businessman & all those who wish to Earn Extra Income with an Easy work. You should have a Mobile to Starts this work.

How you can join Us ?

To join you have to send the following details:-




Mobile No and its Operator's Name ,

Address with pincode,

Email id

Referral Id/Mob No

To the Mob No or E-maild of the member advertising for the Job
To get the Mobile No or E-mail id of the Member Advertising for the Job
, Enter his/her 10 Digit Ref.id or Mob no in the member Search box given below
Then , you will get Bank A/C NO Details to Pay Rs 400 Reg Fee

As soon as your payment is confirmed to the my account sms sending job kit will be sent to your E-mail. You Can Transfer Money to any one Bank A/C No by any Method Like ATM Debit Card , AirTel Money , Oxicash ,Bank KIOSK Etc if you Know it . But Demand Draft , E-Money Order , Checks are not acceptable .

REGISTRATION FEE AND PROJECT COST :-Rs 400/- and transfersble to your any other family member ,client or legal nominee SMS SENDING JOB KIT is transferable to your legal nominee after 30 Days .

To get the Mobile No or E-mail id of the Member Advertising for the Job
, Enter his/her 10 Digit Ref.id or Mob no in the member Search box given below

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